Sunday, July 11, 2010

bluebonnets, hummingbirds and...sea turtles?

here's the bluebonnet quilt:
it didn't end up as originally planned...
but i think it turned out cute and casual
it was originally supposed to have a pieced blue and peach sashing between the rows, but once i got it all done, the color combination really made me sick, so i made the outer border much smaller and used the excess fabric to separate the rows

well, i still didn't like even the little bit of peach and blue btw the blocks, so i appliqued on some small green strips to break up the look, added a few fun jean pockets and called it done.

yes, i know u think you have seen this one before, but's a new/another neptune quilt.
this one is just lap size and has a wonderful light green minke on the back
i have done a lot in this fabric and still have a lot of it left...maybe i went a bit overboard when i bought this line?

and the hummingbirds...
the line is called "arcadia" and it has some wonderful motifs and colors
i added an orange ribbon to the small border