Wednesday, May 26, 2010

finished flag (not finnish flag...FINISHED)

here is my german american quilt.
all dots and pindots with a little solid white background.

a close-up shot, just because i am pretty proud of the details.
the overall effect.
i love the way the red squares around the edge form hearts between the large crosses.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

daisy chain

so, i got these great new shoes recently that simulate walking barefoot. the latest research says it's better for working your feet and leg muscles...if u think about it, some of the greatest running athletes DO IT barefoot! don't we all...unless our husbands request something different (oops...did i say that with my outside voice?)
unfortunately, there is one unusual side effect

this newest quilt is a pattern called daisy chain from the jelly roll book we have had forever in the store.  the fabrics are a mix of a batik jelly roll and cream on cream dots with some solids and smaller pattern fabrics thrown in to satisfy the required jelly roll and a half the book calls for.

this is an example block from a quilt i have been wanting to do for a while...
the pattern is also from the same jelly roll book, it is called both side of the pond and is meant to represent the british and american flag colors.  however, i am so fond (in love with) germany, that i wanted to create a quilt that would remind me of my wonderful time living here.  thus, the black/red/yellow and red/white/blue color combination.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

not much lately, just a few things

 i haven't been sewing much lately, too much other stuff to do...

but here is my latest quilt:
it's a diamond pattern of my munki munki collection

i longarmed some fun words along the colored border on most of the diamonds

the back is fuzzy minke and i added the tag from one of the pajama shirts close to my own tag

this is a fun pocket leftover from another pajama shirt...good for a remote (or candy)

two purses:  one for me, one for mom
from the one yard wonders book