Friday, April 23, 2010

a quilt for maddy's lydia

okay, here it is... a preview of what you will be soon as i can finish the handwork.  i hope y'all love it!  it makes me feel very peaceful when i look at it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

yeah, a couple more

so, i think for my next blog, i'll create a stats page.  i'm thinking of including stuff like:  number of quilts made, number bound, number still need binding, number i'm keeping, number i'm selling...we'll see how the numbers stack up!

for now, pictures of the QUOTE QUILT! yeaaaaa, i have been planning this one for a while and it's finally done (except for the hand

this is a standard stacked coin quilt using a jelly roll of the authentic line by sweetwater for moda.  the outside border is a great mushroom print from robert kaufmann; and, i quilted in a hidden message along the length.
it was starting to be a bit too monotone for me, so i had to add the color along the edges.  the back was a pre-meditated purchase from Target online. 
i WON'T be selling this one...sorry  lt. pookie.  it's just way too personal for me.  i added about 15 of my favorite quotes, using 200 count white cotton you can send through your home printer.  i love the idea of making wishes on dandelions, so i just had to add that as well...

ode to the eighties:
this one didn't start out as such; but, with the beautifully bright colors and abstract designs of a kaffe fassett jelly roll...well, see for yourself

the quilt pattern is called "garden trellis."  i was worried about matching all these points; but, they actually came together quite easily!  the border fabric is nicey jane by heather bailey and the binding (as yet to be hand is part of the garden party line by anna maria horner.
the back is a cuddly, fuzzy, sweet dreams in lilac minke fabric.

 finally, this post is dedicated to my favorite tv show of all time.  unfortunately, i have just finished the final disc of the final season :(
i recommend it to all who love colorful images, colorful language and colorful imaginations!

Monday, April 5, 2010

easter evening, quilts with and without borders, a new blog master

what a beautiful sight outside my window on a rainy easter evening...

a double-decker and the other end!

quilts without borders (kinda like doctors, in that they make u feel better):

made from sandy gervais' l'amour jelly roll plus some red corduroy

another hoffman bali pops (mint chip) with a fun yellow corduroy binding

and the last bali pop: sherbet!

and finally, introducing my new blog master..
doing her thing in front of the computer