Monday, April 5, 2010

easter evening, quilts with and without borders, a new blog master

what a beautiful sight outside my window on a rainy easter evening...

a double-decker and the other end!

quilts without borders (kinda like doctors, in that they make u feel better):

made from sandy gervais' l'amour jelly roll plus some red corduroy

another hoffman bali pops (mint chip) with a fun yellow corduroy binding

and the last bali pop: sherbet!

and finally, introducing my new blog master..
doing her thing in front of the computer


  1. Holy Cow! I think we need a quilt count from you! How many is it now????? I wanna know.

    They are all gorgeous!

    Very cool rainbow.

    Very cool dog.

  2. I saw the rainbows too! Brandon and I were heading home from dinner at that point, and had the camera with us. We drove by it once, decided we might not have a good enough picture, and turned around so we could go by it again.

    Your quilts look amazing; I agree with Corinnea, we need a count. And I love your new blog manager. She looks like she's taking her new responsibilities very seriously. ^_^

  3. Oooh pretty!!!! Do you do a quilt journal to keep up? You just keep a photo and some info about each quilt. Fun to look back at! Or so I assume, but can't know for sure since I never did mine! Oops.


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