Friday, January 7, 2011

more for the pile

okay, it's been longer than a little while...but, here are some more for the pile:

the front (above) and the back (below) of the very latest quilt, just long-armed on thursday.  i love this fabric (It's a Hoot! from Moda) line, with its owls and birds and trees.  not to mention the great fun colors.  just the cure for a grey winter day.

this is Wee Woodland, also very cute.

the second try at a bluebonnet quilt...this one I will keep!

this (last [2010]) year's Halloween quilt.  the corners seemed a bit blank, so i designed and appliqued the skull and bats before quilting.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

okay, here it is... a final (so far) count

i can no longer ignore the many requests i have had for a total quilt count.  though i have to say, i was a bit daunted, i was also a little curious myself.  how many quilts HAVE i actually devoted myself to making in just a year and a half?  well...let me just preface this announcement with the fact that once i decide to learn something new, i throw myself into the practice of perfecting my art.  and this is why i say this is a final (so far) count.  because i am in no way a master at this craft; and, thus...must continue to practice, practice, practice...
what are you seeing here?  50...yes, fifty, FIVE-OHHH! quilts stacked up in my hall.  but, i must confess that i have given eight away so far.  so that makes...58, i suppose.  not so bad, huh?

besides a little help from my mom while she was here; i also ask aeva to help me hand sew the binding on all of my creations.  here she is..."helping" me...

well, even if she doesn't have opposable thumbs to pull a needle and thread...she at least keeps me warm and does quality control as she lays under the quilt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

don't look LIZZY!!!!

 Okay, so...I wanted to dedicate this post to my friend, Lizzy, simply because i could not stop thinking of her the ENTIRE time i was working on this quilt.  she tells me she is "afraid" of using bold colors in her creations; which i find ironic since she is one of the most colorful and lively women i know.  so...adjust your screen, Lizzy...

this second quilt is a hidden stars log cabin style.  i added the solid purple-maroon to accentuate the stars and centers of the logs.  i just love the flow of the colors and patterns of the new Denise Schmidt Hope Valley line.  it's not the typical design that i am usually drawn to; but, find the fabrics both calm and stimulating at the same time.  the back is a solid grey, which i think is more soothing than depressing, as a grey can sometimes be...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

secrets in the closet...

 so...we all know that we have a few dirty little secrets.  oh just admit it!  a closest full of...
projects we want to do, have bought the supplies for, and then...sort of forgot about.  well, this weekend i finally got one of mine finished!  and i feel great about that.  it is intended as a present for my sister-in-law, ashley.  she is a school psychologist; and, while i don't know if she is into apples or not...i thought this was a cute project either way. 

this bag was a very easy project that i finished in a single day.  who doesn't like THAT kind of turn around?  the pattern is from the website:
the luggage tags pictured in the chair are from a sewing projects calendar i have.  they were also super easy...yeaaa!  i am getting ideas for christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

 this camera bag was something i have wanted to do ever since i saw jennifer's cute creation many months ago.  the sheep fabric is more than adorable and i paired it with a red on red animal print from the eric carle's hungry catapillar line of fabric. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

 i received a wonderfully pampering package on monday.  no, it wasn't chris; and, it certainly makes me miss him even more.  we also found out that we will be heading to san diego for our next new home.  april 2011 is the date.  so, i thought it wise to sew a new beach bag...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

trying my hand at something new (plus another quilt...surprised?)

i was getting a little overwhelmed with, i decided to finally use them up!  these little fabric baskets are great for just that purpose.  they only require scraps of 2 x 2 inches!  love that!

and, i was becoming inundated with the fabric i bought from ikea...and was itching to make another birdie sling; this was the product of that union of needs...

my latest quilt project...i used a jelly roll of the nicey jane fabrics in a pattern from the jelly rolls book i mention often.  for the flower centers, i substituted red corduroy...becuase i wanted something tactile on the front.  the back is a pink soft and fuzzy, i am addicted to using this fabric as a backing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

bluebonnets, hummingbirds and...sea turtles?

here's the bluebonnet quilt:
it didn't end up as originally planned...
but i think it turned out cute and casual
it was originally supposed to have a pieced blue and peach sashing between the rows, but once i got it all done, the color combination really made me sick, so i made the outer border much smaller and used the excess fabric to separate the rows

well, i still didn't like even the little bit of peach and blue btw the blocks, so i appliqued on some small green strips to break up the look, added a few fun jean pockets and called it done.

yes, i know u think you have seen this one before, but's a new/another neptune quilt.
this one is just lap size and has a wonderful light green minke on the back
i have done a lot in this fabric and still have a lot of it left...maybe i went a bit overboard when i bought this line?

and the hummingbirds...
the line is called "arcadia" and it has some wonderful motifs and colors
i added an orange ribbon to the small border