Friday, January 7, 2011

more for the pile

okay, it's been longer than a little while...but, here are some more for the pile:

the front (above) and the back (below) of the very latest quilt, just long-armed on thursday.  i love this fabric (It's a Hoot! from Moda) line, with its owls and birds and trees.  not to mention the great fun colors.  just the cure for a grey winter day.

this is Wee Woodland, also very cute.

the second try at a bluebonnet quilt...this one I will keep!

this (last [2010]) year's Halloween quilt.  the corners seemed a bit blank, so i designed and appliqued the skull and bats before quilting.


  1. I was wondering when you would post again! Those quilts are so cool!

  2. Very nice!!! I wish I could get more done!!

  3. Deana - Deana - Deana - you MUST get your talent from your G-ma and Mom (hahahahaha)....your quilts just keep getting better and your "Design" concepts beyond better....I am so proud of you!!!!

  4. We miss you here! have you sewing anything lately??? what pattern did you use for that it's a hoot quilt??