Wednesday, September 8, 2010

okay, here it is... a final (so far) count

i can no longer ignore the many requests i have had for a total quilt count.  though i have to say, i was a bit daunted, i was also a little curious myself.  how many quilts HAVE i actually devoted myself to making in just a year and a half?  well...let me just preface this announcement with the fact that once i decide to learn something new, i throw myself into the practice of perfecting my art.  and this is why i say this is a final (so far) count.  because i am in no way a master at this craft; and, thus...must continue to practice, practice, practice...
what are you seeing here?  50...yes, fifty, FIVE-OHHH! quilts stacked up in my hall.  but, i must confess that i have given eight away so far.  so that makes...58, i suppose.  not so bad, huh?

besides a little help from my mom while she was here; i also ask aeva to help me hand sew the binding on all of my creations.  here she is..."helping" me...

well, even if she doesn't have opposable thumbs to pull a needle and thread...she at least keeps me warm and does quality control as she lays under the quilt.


  1. So are any of these coming to Art and Espresso? Seems like the perfect time to make way for more, eh hm, practice quilts. :)

  2. I knew you hadn't shown us every quilt!!!! You are well on your way to perfecting it. Just don't loose interest when you're perfect! Very awesome Deana. Thanks for indulging us!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. That is a lot of quilts. A lot of very lovely quilts. You should put up a counter on the side bar, with an always-up-to-date quilt count. :)

  4. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW,50/8 quilts!!!! You have definitely perfected the art of quilting ;) They are all BEAUTIFUL.

  5. just now getting to this post! Holy cow! i had no idea it was that many! They are all so fabulous too:) Miss you around here!