Friday, March 26, 2010

quilt tops and new a new friend

quilt tops:

well, again...made from bali pops in the kiwiberry colorway
with a fun lime green dotted first border and a pretty purple "fusions" by robert kaufman large border

now look closely...they look similar; but, ARE different:

this is the mulberry color way jelly roll...
and, yes (chris) i will try to sell one of these...
i just need a while to decide which one ;)

new fabric:

above, all from ikea

say hello to my little friend...


  1. CUTE... traveling gnomes! and you go THAT fabric (anime and mooses) from IKEA??? hmmm. I love the colors in both the tops, of course =]

  2. I love the quilts! Especially the first one. That's the one you should keep and swoon over! Haha! :) The fabrics are all very fun! It seems that gnome gets around.....

  3. More pretty stuff!!!! Ikea fabric is fun. I have some that I need to use. hmmmmm

    So which quilt will you sell??

  4. Your new quilts are beautiful!!! Love your new fabric. I just placed an order for the traveling gnomes fabric. Is sooo cute :)

  5. batiks...ummm...ah...well...

    I love the ikea fabric! Especially the 1st one.


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