Wednesday, March 17, 2010

top o' the day to ya

                     happy st. patrick's day!
wait, wait, wait...don't get me wrong...i DO NOT condone drinking and sewing!  what you see there is a root beer bottle!  however, i absolutely support the celebration of st. patty's.  it's sooooooooo much fun.  thus, i decided to start my green quilt in honor of the day!  this is a sneaky peek, more to come of this one!


  1. YAY! I love St. Patrick's Day. Everyone wears my favorite color. And an all green quilt? Sweetness. ^_^

  2. Just keep popping those quilts out!! I am green with envy, wait, no, I'm green with St. Patty's day, no, maybe it is envy....

  3. ooooo, batiks and green, I'm excited to see it!

  4. I think everyone is dying for spring because I keep seeing green! :) Looks like a fun one!


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