Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sacs and clothes, but not sac clothing

my first try at clothing.
this was a great project; i was very happy with how well the pattern of the fabric matched on each side (thanks to the great instructions in the pattern)

drawstring jewelry pouch from tula pink's new line, "plume"

patchwork drawstring bag, i was gonna sell it, but....

the inside of the next bag (same pattern as black, white and green bag)

again, "plume"

this time i customized the handles and added an inside pocket

this is a quilted bag with a velcro bow closure
i found it very easy to make...as long as you don't sew the handles in between the wrong layers and then turn it all right side out to find that they've gone missing, yeah, not that i did that...

at the multi-crafts store we don aprons to distinguish ourselves as employees.
i like to think it's similar to the lab coats doctors and scientists wear...so we're like craft experts, i suppose
the fabric is one of my favorite lines; called authentic by sweetwater for moda. i have a great quilt idea for the jelly roll i bought of this fabric. i call it my "quote quilt" and as soon as the ink for my printer gets here, i will tackle that project.


  1. About time woman! Love everything =) I've done the same thing with the bag handles. It was the last bag I ever made and it took me a year to fix. I was that annoyed.


  2. Love the purses with the black fabric. The apron is cute cute cute... The tunic came out great can't wait to see on you. the quilts are amazing , you are so good picking out fantastic fabrics.

  3. I don't think I ever saw that purse on the bottom photo.... all of them are very pretty!