Tuesday, March 9, 2010

guess what?! QUILTS! how did u know?

this one ended up not really being "my style"

i bought the "oh, cherry, oh" jelly roll online and found the fabrics a bit too sweet for even my tooth. maybe once i get my consignment contract at the shop going, i will sell it there

no, it's not a Pollack, it's a sheet from ikea that i used as the back of my string quilt

a string quilt is a great way to use those small scraps of fabric that are just too lovely to toss

i used the tutorial from the fun blog: film in the fridge.

each square has a 1.25" white strip in the middle as the unifying element

i have been called many things; but, the one i like the best is COLORFUL
which is why i have to proclaim this project my favorite!

after sewing about 50 of these little squares, i thought, i'm doing good...probably almost done. so i laid them all out on the floor and realized i would need at least another 50 just for a lap size!

i really enjoy studying the pieces and remembering the previous projects the bits were used in.

i've had this fabric ["neptune" by tula pink] for a while and have only recently used it in a project because i love, love, love it! and was kinda nervous about cutting into it.

i considered several ideas:
but finally decided that a quilt is the best way to really make it last

the large squares of the design show off the fabric well - beautiful damasks made of sea turtles and horses; swirls of shells and corals; underwater shipwrecks explored by seals and fish; scales, anchors and buoys; and a japanesque sea scene.

i added the solid coral and navy borders as well as the red and green semi solid strips. the binding is a variegated, pieced from leftovers.

on second thought, this may be my favorite!

this little beaut is the first to wear my new woven label along with my stitched signature. please disregard the unfinished area of binding, he he


  1. I love your quilts, and your labels. And I have no idea how you found the patience for that string quilt, but it was definitely worth it for that outcome!


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