Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SO much more than quilts

i thought y'all might be getting tired of quilt photos; so, i thought i would show you a few of my new loves...

this calendar is keeping me up to date on my crafts. it has an awesome new project every three days!

my friend/neighbor/aeva-sitter, lorelei, is one of the most talented artists i have seen. last month, she blessed me with a beautiful piece of original art. i think she may be on the same telepathic wave as me...or she read my letter to santa

oh, that's my cute little owl cup in the lower right corner, he holds my scissors

this is a key fob, made by one of the best bosses in the world (no, i'm not sucking up...you really are) - corinnea. i can never, ever lose my key again; because, i would cry if i lost the gnomies who guard it now

below is a snap of my 2010 calendar -
i am very particular about the calendar i get at the beginning of each year.

1. i have to look at it ALL YEAR

2. i love calendars that i can take apart annually and use at wall art later on

3. because i CAN

so, one of my favorite photogs (besides christopher nelson) is christopher marley; and, when i find one of his works - especially if it has BUGS!... you get the picture, right?!


  1. Cool stuff! Saw one of those calendars and wondered.... Glad you like the key fob.

  2. OMG - how totally awesome ... I love ur calendar AND the project book is way too cool. The key fob???? Well I am jealous...nice job Corinnea.