Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SNOW much more than quilts

Scenes from last week displaying a few things you may not know about me...

i have a girl who loves a playground slide

i love dog kisses; just not when they're freezing

i wear an owl hat with pride

my girl gets embarassed by my hat


  1. K, owl hat, hilarious. Aeva is such a cutey. She likes to bury her head like Brinkley, what are they thinking when they do that???

  2. love the hat! and Aeve in the snow is adorable! what a puppy!

  3. I adore my girls - you both look so cute. The snow is beautiful....doesn't Aeva get embrassed by all hats?? HINT: The Christmas Card pic. U look SO WISE (and warm) in your owl hat.

  4. We never get tired of seeing your beautiful quilts :) Your hat is adorable....

  5. Deana - The hat is priceless and so are YOU!