Tuesday, May 18, 2010

not much lately, just a few things

 i haven't been sewing much lately, too much other stuff to do...

but here is my latest quilt:
it's a diamond pattern of my munki munki collection

i longarmed some fun words along the colored border on most of the diamonds

the back is fuzzy minke and i added the tag from one of the pajama shirts close to my own tag

this is a fun pocket leftover from another pajama shirt...good for a remote (or candy)

two purses:  one for me, one for mom
from the one yard wonders book


  1. you know I looooove this quilt. And that purple mushroom binding is awesome! the bags are cute too... but I already told you that today!

  2. The quilt is fun and beautiful. The purses are cute!

  3. I didnt; realize you used the purple mushroom bindindg till I read Katelyns commetn! I love it! I love the munki tag too. I saved some of mine. Ilove the new pza picture nad the bags are super cute!