Tuesday, May 25, 2010

daisy chain

so, i got these great new shoes recently that simulate walking barefoot. the latest research says it's better for working your feet and leg muscles...if u think about it, some of the greatest running athletes DO IT barefoot! don't we all...unless our husbands request something different (oops...did i say that with my outside voice?)
unfortunately, there is one unusual side effect

this newest quilt is a pattern called daisy chain from the jelly roll book we have had forever in the store.  the fabrics are a mix of a batik jelly roll and cream on cream dots with some solids and smaller pattern fabrics thrown in to satisfy the required jelly roll and a half the book calls for.

this is an example block from a quilt i have been wanting to do for a while...
the pattern is also from the same jelly roll book, it is called both side of the pond and is meant to represent the british and american flag colors.  however, i am so fond (in love with) germany, that i wanted to create a quilt that would remind me of my wonderful time living here.  thus, the black/red/yellow and red/white/blue color combination.


  1. Very pretty, as usual!! Well, except for the shoes..... those are pretty unusual!

  2. but there cool lookin (the shoes). and the quilt is gorgeous as always! and I love the zebra striped border!

  3. So funny! I saw those shoes a few years ago when we ducked in a timberland downtown during a thunderstorm. I think they are way cool! I love your Pisa pic! That's so fun and touristy and we have one of each of us there too! :) And the quilts are fun! The "flags" quilt is very clever!

  4. Zac has two pairs of those shoes... he LOVES them, are you liking them at least???

    love the new quilt!

  5. I don't know about the shoes..I ahve problems with things like that. I can't wear the socks that are like that either. I lvoe the quilts! Even if they are batik's..


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