Friday, September 11, 2009

turning over a new leaf

i guess september really is the time for going back to school! i learned so much from this project:

i had to research applique techniques; experiment with something other than a straight stitch; and how to improvise with the fabric i have when i forget the importance of following directions

i am happy with the outcome. i didn't like the leaf pattern supplied in the book; so, i designed several different shapes on my own. i think it gives it more interest and makes me feel like the top is a bit more personal.

i am so inspired by the changing colors of this time of year. okay, i am inspired by any and all colors; but, when i found this pattern (and the perfect jelly roll of batiks from hoffman fabrics) just had to make this my little homage to all that is fall.


  1. whoa, this looks amazing! I'd love to check it out up close!