Saturday, December 12, 2009

a few new quilts

this chicken quilt was made as a gift for my aunt. i wanted to add to the 50+ already in her collection. the pattern consists of fussy cut centers surrounded by wonky log cabin strips.
the back is a strip of white sheet with the most awesome green leaf fabric!
i finally "signed" my name to the work by quilting the bottom right corner with - Deana.
what is really cool about this is that my mom and aunt were having morning coffee in texas and called me this evening (germany time) to open their presents together. (in case you don't recall...i made my mom a bluebonnet quilt.) my uncle bob (or bob-arazzi, as we like to call him) was there to take pictures of the event!
i felt like i was there with them as they talk, talk, talked and ooohed and ahhhed with delight at the gifts they received. i never knew until this experience what a wonderful feeling it is to have given a handmade gift and have it appreciated so much. so...thank you schmoopie and crazy auntie linda for including me in the exchange!

this was a baby quilt i made for a dear friend's grand-daughter...

the material is from the Patch Arts & Crafts store; the pattern is "wonky courthouse steps" from a magazine i've kept for probably too long.

instead of hand stitching the binding, i tried the awesome technique i saw on Tina's quilt using rick rack as finishing.


  1. love these quilts! I wish I coudl see them in person. My sister and I call each other schmoopie! from you're a schmoopie!

  2. Wow! Beautiful presents. They are very lucky to have one of Deana's creations. Love them both.

  3. wow ! congrats to you on your wonderful work. i am so happy that you do this sort of thing. doesnt hurt now, does it!!! keep up the beautiful work. when you come home next time, we do need to get together and yak.


  4. i love what the darker stripes on the baby quilt do, it makes your eyes wonder around the whole design, and that the circles on them are not lined up properly, it makes it so interesting, great diesign! AND I love the chicken quilt too... Your quilts make me want to quilt!


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