Wednesday, September 8, 2010

okay, here it is... a final (so far) count

i can no longer ignore the many requests i have had for a total quilt count.  though i have to say, i was a bit daunted, i was also a little curious myself.  how many quilts HAVE i actually devoted myself to making in just a year and a half?  well...let me just preface this announcement with the fact that once i decide to learn something new, i throw myself into the practice of perfecting my art.  and this is why i say this is a final (so far) count.  because i am in no way a master at this craft; and, thus...must continue to practice, practice, practice...
what are you seeing here?  50...yes, fifty, FIVE-OHHH! quilts stacked up in my hall.  but, i must confess that i have given eight away so far.  so that makes...58, i suppose.  not so bad, huh?

besides a little help from my mom while she was here; i also ask aeva to help me hand sew the binding on all of my creations.  here she is..."helping" me...

well, even if she doesn't have opposable thumbs to pull a needle and thread...she at least keeps me warm and does quality control as she lays under the quilt.

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